Viking Orb Necklace Set

A special necklace set consisting of 24 unique handmade gold orbs and antique Viking Age glass beads encapsulating gold foil. The beads are inspired by images of the finds from trove sites, showcasing an array of bead styles and forms. The designs are made in a variety of ways to highlight different ancient techniques and play with negative space, exposing the chain passing through. 

The beads are arranged on a pair of Midgar Serpent chains. A handwoven chain terminating in a stylized serpent head symbolizing the Midgard serpent from Viking mythology. The beads remove from the chain and can be arranged into any combination or worn with the Serpent Orb earrings. 22k yellow gold.

  • Antique glass
  • 18 inches, 26 inches
  • Recycled gold

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